Your collective deserve
a friendly online home.

Agorakit is web-based, open source groupware for collectives.

By creating collaborative groups, people can discuss topics, organize events, store files and keep everyone updated as needed.

Agorakit is a forum, calendar, file manager, mapping tool and email notifier.

Create groups for your projects

You can create as many groups as you like, groups can be fully open or closed (membership approval required). Create great plots in secret (invisible) groups.

Manage a collaborative calendar

Each group has an calendar, you can display a complete calendar for every groups. There is an iCal feed available for each calendar ready to be imported elsewhere. Check your group activity and complain you don't have quality time anymore.

Geolocalize groups, people and events

Put everything on a nice map automatically. Map everyone, every group and every event as needed. Wake up the paranoid inside you.

Get an overview of your unread discussions and upcoming events

Every user get a dashboard where you can see all unread discussions. No more mailing list horror. Keep an archive of everything for new comers. Avoid being spammed with "+1" replies.

Receive email notifications at the rate YOU specify for each groups

aka "I don't want to be spammed for every comment in every group".
Everyone can decide for themselves how often to receive notifications, for each group. Choose your level of involvement per group. Also known as "do not disturb me more than once a week".

Manage your files and links

Each groups has a file repository where you can store nice pictures of cute kittens, meetings summaries, links to shared documents, etc...

In use

Agorakit has been used successfully since 2015 for several citizen initiatives such as Tout autre chose, Hart boven hard, The transition network and others.

There is a free instance boasting hundreds of groups and thousands of users.


Agorakit is released under the GPL licence. It is open source and can be freely extended and used by others.


This software is in use daily. The biggest install has more than thousand registered users.
While always in development, our hope are high that it will be useful to other initiatives. We recently discovered our main instance has no errors in productions in the logs. That was the right time to release 1.0.
Join the team and help us fine tune the beast!


We provide hosting and custom development services at afordable prices. Check our packages here.


Please drop a line to info (at) to keep in touch.

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